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Lenders complete the Interim Order Form to apply Auto Loan Protection and Super Non-Lease. 

To complete the form, click the header Interim Order Form and use the drop down menus. Click Calendar to enter the loan date.

Should you need help with an entry, click ? for an explanation of the information to be entered.

Click the header Lender Tools to view and print completed Interim Order forms, current monthly billing, and archived monthly billing.

To print the form, click the 6 digit Interim Order number to open the PDF.



 LOC Automobile Loan Programs Minimize

Since 1991, Lenders Option Corporation (LOC) has provided unique automobile loan programs to increase loan volume and finance income, and to improve the yield and profitability on loan portfolios. 

LOC Protection is applied to C & D tier loans according to the lender's loan policy. The program reduces losses on repossessed vehicles by purchasing vehicles at consistently higher values than auctions or bids. To further reduce deficiency loan balances, LOC provides a principal balance reduction payment.

Super Non-Lease is a balloon loan that allows lenders to compete with dealers' leases. The program provides borrowers with low monthly payments based on LOC's residual values for vehicles. At the termination of the loan, borrowers have the option to payoff the loan, refinance the loan, or turn-in the vehicle for purchase by LOC.

Both programs are straightforward and easy to implement. 



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